Cameron Banks On Thatcher Legacy For Victory In 2015

Comments Section running hot.

Universal Credit is costing tens of billions. The irony is we wouldn’t need half the cuts if it was abandoned, but IDS was advised by US welfare gurus to add to complexity and make claiming difficult to cut take-up. The ‘simplification’ thing is nothing but spin the idiot British Media have bought lock, stock and barrel. UC is the most complex benefit the world has ever seen, which is why they can’t get it to work and have had to cut the trial areas to one – one area will mean distorting the figures will be easy.

Then there’s £7 billion for Iain ‘worse-than-nothing’ Duncan Smith’s Work Programme. £7 billion to cut the numbers getting jobs in half. But, hey, Asda and the like gets free workers paid for by the long suffering British Public. They call it the ‘something for nothing culture I hear.’

Atos In £2k Disability Discrimination Settlement –

Q for Learner Drivers – What is wrong when while driving you see a grey sign?

SKWAWK BOX reports – ‘Shapps & co, along with their friends in the press, have claimed that 878,300 people decided not to pursue their claims for benefit because a change in the benefits system meant that they’d have to be assessed for their level of disability – and that this showed how much malingering there was under Labour and how necessary this government’s attack on disabled people is (though of course they euphemistically call it ‘reform’).

Shapps err Green in Las Vegus posing as Internet guru.

Shapps err Green in Las Vegus posing as Internet guru.

The additional data is a Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) spreadsheet showing the caseloads and outcomes for the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) process for Employment Support Allowance (ESA). This spreadsheet tells a completely different picture from that which Shapps & co have been peddling.’  

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