Wherefore Art Thou Lynton?

Tories get to know Lynton and his inimitable style of running Election Campaigns.

At an Election Breakfast Lynton Crosby was asked “Would it not be a good idea to focus our manifesto on trading and GDP growth?”

Tory Twitter

Tory Twitter on Election Campaign 2015.

He replied –  ”The British people are tired of the economy.”

http://www.enterprisebritain.com/2013/tony-drury/lynton-crosby-the-threat-to-the-uks-recovery  ‘Mr Crosby, You’ll not listen but the British people do care about the current dire situation. They are struggling to make ends meet. I wish you’d go back to Australia.’

Are you thinking what we're thinking

Are you thinking what we’re thinking – ‘beaubodor’

One of Lynton’s more memorable lines from a previous performance.  Mr Crosby reportedly joked, ‘Let’s put a rag round the battle bus’, apparently referring to Muslim headwear.

Tim Montgomerie

Tim Montgomerie


Well, Lord Ashcroft not impressed.  

Former Conservative deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft told friends that outspoken Australian Mr Crosby’s remark about ‘f****** Muslims’ was a major error of judgment.

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