Nick Clegg Was a Key Member Of Disgraced Leon Brittan’s Office

Leon Brittan

Picture at ‘The Needle BlogSpot’.

‘Part of Letter by Chris Spivey to The Sun – ‘As you no  doubt know, Brittan was later  forced to resign this post  in 1999 amid accusations of large scale fraud. A key member of his office staff back then was the current  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. I am further reliably informed that the investigating journalist, who is no longer in your employ was told to drop the 1989 rape investigation.’

Tweets on Leon Brittan Sex Scandal

Naming the living at The Needle  The then Chief Secretary to the Treasury, later Home Secretary, and current Trade advisor to this Coalition Government, Leon Brittan was a regular visitor to Elm Guest House where the abuse of young boys trafficked in from local care homes took place.

Leon Brittan suffers from Paedo Amnesia says Law Blogspot – ‘Leon Brittan is the latest victim of the paedophile amnesia that’s sweeping through Westminster.  This is what he said when asked about the Geoffrey Dickens paedophile dossiers by Paraic O’Brien from Channel 4 News.‘

Ex-Pat on hearing the news that Cameron appointed Brittan Trade Adviser – ‘Now, just as you thought it was safe to go back into the water, the arrogant, self-absorbed old freeloader is back.  This can only be taken as a sign that Cameron is pro Europe and has no intention of standing up to the Brussels bureaucracy to defend our interests.’

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