Mark Carney BOE

UK Column discuss various topics including the EU budget.

A comment that Mark Carney was introduced at Bilderberg 2011 and 2012 before the BOE appointment.

Property transferred to ‘Housing Associations’ rather than private ownership?

Mrs Carney complained that she couldn’t live in London on the money as property prices were ‘too high’ and a lot of suitable property is ‘unavailable’.  ‘The public learned Carney is to receive a hefty salary: $963,000 a year — about $222,000 more than current governor Mervyn King.’

‘Mrs Carney tweeted a link to a story about how France’s President Hollande is scaling back taxes on the rich, with the remarks: ‘Maybe I’ll be able to find a place to live in London after all.’

Patrick Henningson on at UK Column with Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson.  Israel and Clinton cosey up.  Susan Rice ‘bred’ as Global Operator and trained at McKinsey.

Justin Walker on the idea of a “Greenback Pound”.

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