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Ian Duncan Smith In Another Rage – This Time It’s The Bishops

‘A letter signed by 43 bishops and endorsed by the new Archbishop of Canterbury Rev Justin Welby and the Archbishop of York claimed that capping benefit rises would have a ‘deeply disproportionate’ effect on children.’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2291288/Welfare-minister-rages-bishops-Theres-moral-trapping-people-benefits-says-Iain-Duncan-Smith.html ‘As a civilised society, … Continue reading

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More Tory Unease About the Eastleigh Campaign Spelt Out In The Times

‘That interview with The Times on Saturday by Nick Boles, Planning Minister, was a cry of pain you hear quite a bit from Tory modernisers right now. When he checked with No. 10′s point man on the campaign, Stephen Gilbert, whether he was welcome in Eastleigh he … Continue reading

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Olivier Sarkozy Presses the Head of Mary Kate Olsen

The series of pictures published here is purported to show the ‘love’ between the two but as an amateur scholar of body language, I would beg to differ.  My reading of the pictures is that this is not an equal … Continue reading

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