Richard Harrington Flies the Communist Flag or Is It Flyng With the Communists?

Richard Harrington says he was drumming up business for Watford.  Erm exactly what business is that Richard?  Oh sorry, NLAT What was the Question again?  ‘How many candidates with blue rosettes does it take to change your mind about Labour?’  Give me a minute and I’ll work it out.

Watford Observer Reader responds to the news –

Communist party helps fund MP Richard Harrington’s China trip

‘Failed Tory Andrew Mortimer or soon to be confined to history Steve Johnson could you enlighten us more on the following postings on Richard’s trip.
7th March 2013 mkhan1 says… 7:16pm Thu 7 Mar 13
Of no interest to me anyway. I knew he was like this, crazy why people vote for a man like this. You do know that he lives in St Johns Wood (the posh part of London with Private Security) and hasn’t spent a day in his life sleeping in Watford. In fact the only time he’s in Watford is to cosy up to other businesses !!!!!!!!!
mkhan1 says… 1:15pm Fri 8 Mar 13
So what business did he drum up in China and please tell me what positive direct benefits to the people of Watford. Please expand on “That IS helping the ordinary people of Watford”  You say “And you seem to be under the impression that no one else does this” Well please tell me where I have given that impression?  In relation to “why should he pay out of his own pocket” well he doesn’t mind paying out of his pocket (in fact he has admitted he is so rich he doesn’t need to claim expenses). He sings from the roof tops about the fact that he doesn’t claim expenses so what’s different now ?
Finally his open forums are poorly attended because he has failed to connect with many ordinary people.

He appears disinterested when talking to ‘ordinary people’ and seems out of his comfort zone as well as spending far too much time looking at his phone. It’s not their problem, it’s his, because he will be booted out at the next election!

Well where is Harrington headed in 2015?


‘The Conservative’s re-election hopes could depend on a strong showing from the Liberal Democrats to prevent their vote collapsing and going to Labour in 2015.’ will mayor prove a Thornhill in MP Harrington s side /

Watford Business Forum

Watford Business Forum meets at 7 The Vale Chelsea?

Comment:  With £360 odd thousand dumped into Rich Harrington’s war chest in the run-up to the 2010 election (Source: The Electoral Reform Society) this surely had an additional effect on the outcome.  Particularly the funds coming in from “The Watford Business Forum” (registered address: 7 The Vale, London SW3 6AG)  SW3 that’s Chelsea isn’t it? Houses in this street sell for anything up to £7million a go  So pray tell us Rich, why is an outfit called the “Watford Business Forum” based in a street in Chelsea where property costs so much?

Comment: The Tories are also in a fix as they are now having to rely on the pizza menu delivery firms to get their leaflets out as their local party has collapsed and they have no councillors left in Watford. They have no capacity to canvas for votes on the doorstep and you can be sure that Richard Harrington will be using his vast war chest of money to employ bright young things to knock on doors’

Comment:  ‘Let’s be clear, the deficit was caused by the banking crisis in the USA in 2007 when their banks counted all the bad debt they had because of corrupt and irresponsible lending. This triggeed an economic crisis that affected most countries including the UK. It is widely recognise that if it had not been for Gordon Brown’s leadership at the world economic summit in London in 2008 then the recession would have become an apocalyptic depression.’

GW:  Little bird told WATCOR that Rich met his wife at a Communist Rally.  Well I never.

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