CamoHunt’s Over Dramatic Hand Wringing Re the Francis Report Is Suspicious

SkWalker is a blogger who has been ‘getting it in the neck’ recently over their stance on the effects of the Francis Report; how it’s been reported in the ‘controlled media’; and the ‘railroading’ of a Hospital Trust into administration.  Once again, I admit to have missed this piece of theatre and must chase up the footage of the ‘handwringing’Cameron and Hunt Hmmm a right pair of a*******s doing a panto act.  Worth a look.

However, there is a more serious point to be made here.  This blogger has spoken of targets being met at a troubled but improving facility which have gone unreported in the MSM.  The General Sheeplic have been treated to stories of ‘400 deaths’ that didn’t apparently happen.  I smell a rat.

skwalker on twitter

I’m afraid GovWatch was also guilty of ‘Wow it’s  SkyWalker’ misinfo.  So sorry Steve.           

More NHS background info at including the disgraced Jersey based Castlebeck owned by Irish Tycoons where residents were abused in their care

ITV Full Sweat NHS Mid Staffs Media stormHunt’s picture is a classic; does he write his own name yet; all he needs is a schoolcap and he’s ready for that big adventure –

Finally Dr Cleary says – ‘Last year a leading Economics Professor began a keynote speech to a selected audience in London by saying “The non-medical side of the NHS is run on a culture of complacency and concealment with a well-developed propaganda machine creating noteable false impressions. The only route to saving it is through strong local authority management on the lines through which it originated” The Francis Report seems a well-considered wish list. It is offered as an academic substitute in place of a simpler plan of action which would enable services to be delivered and managed locally with a single doctor responsible for the health of a populated area as well as a few individual patients of his own.Standards would have to be set and monitored indpendently (why not get the Danes to do that?) and independently set .’

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