Rothschild Judgement Found Wanting

When did the rot set in?  Well here we have Andrew Alexander of DM in 2009 asking whether one would buy a used car from Nat Rothschild.  Well Mr Rothschild’s business is not used cars but it is hardly auspicious to have one’s name linked with used car salesmen who are traditionally seen by the punters as dodgy and who engage in such sharp practices as turning back the mileage counter on vehicles in order to fool the customer for instance.  If one was a banker one might alter the interest rates in a similar fashion I guess.

Back in 2009 Mr Alexander also mentioned various things that might be a problem if someone was trying to assure people that he/she would indeed work hard looking after people’s hard-earned savings.  For instance, a hedonistic birthday party might look a bit on the ostentatious side to some for a start.  A wary punter might assume that this person was just in fact a bit of a spiv and that he/she was not really taking banking seriously enough.  Then there’s the company one kept at that time.  There were people who tended towards ostentatious jewellery and yachts etc but don’t ask too many questions about where the money actually came from.  Russian pensioners?  Oh course not my dear.  People who whispered nasty things about other people and people with less than average intelligence who intended to cock-up the finances of UK PLC when they became Chancellor.  All looks rather like very bad judgement indeed now.  Bankers need to be above all of this and scrupulously honest into the bargain.

DM in Oct 2012  See L’Wren Scott draping herself on him.  Phewer pleeease.  Thought you were shagging Mick J anyway dear.

Roll forward a few years and it appears that Mr Alexander was ‘on the money’ as indicated by the latest news from DM.  It appears that damage has indeed been done and that things have come to a pretty pass indeed.  It seems that the Investment Industry has caught a ‘cold’ and our erstwhile banker/investment guru has indeed been rumbled.

And things just got that bit trickier with the loss of the AAA rating Gidiot was so keen on preserving but didn’t.

Comment at NLAT – ‘I beg to differ with anyone that claims that the rating isn’t important. It is, because it is a direct reflection of what the market thinks about Britain’s ability to service her debts and the timing that this has now occurred. Besides the fact that a downgrade could also further impact on how the market trades in the coming months, this news is a significant indication that the market is losing faith in the Govt’s ability to manage the economy.

My point is that if a Govt had lost the grade when they came to power the status wouldn’t have necessarily represented that much and subsequent economic indicators such as economic growth would have ensured the continued backing of the market. But the loss at this PARTICULAR time represents something different; it spells out in no uncertain terms that the market believes that the Govt’s plan is failing based on current data (id est., GDP growth) – it does not merely represent a knee-jerk market outlook or forecast.   You can bet your house that the coming budget speech will talk about ” Growth, Growth, Growth” from the beginning to the very end of it (and nothing else) because the chancellor is now very much on trial.’ GovWatch – Wouldn’t be in Financial Services by any chance would they?

For balance also read

Evening Standard takes a forensic look at the Rothschild Bumishambles  Arrogant isn’t he.  It’s arithmetically impossible for us to lose.  And then they lost!  If you’re that arrogant for goodness sakes’ make sure you shut your mouth when talking to the press.

The Arrogant System of Psychopaths and Sociopaths

The Wonderful Bradbury Pound mentioned on a talk given by Justin Walker at British Constitution Group meeting 24 November 2012.

Missed it?  Shame.  Read the book.

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