HMRC Shakes Down A Pipe Fitter But Not Amazon And Vodaphone

Guardian asks: ‘Are you convinced by Mr Gauke?

I can’t help feeling that as a former corporate tax lawyer, married to a corporate tax lawyer, and a chap who used taxpayers’ money for stamp duty on his second home move, he is somewhat miscast as the Simon Wiesenthal of hunting down tax avoider’.  Hmmm ‘Avoiding Tax is my Business’ Gauke – no GovWatch anything but convinced by Mr Gauke.

NLAT of course on that long-distance pursuit just disappearing over the hill as I find this in the Guardian.  NLAT wait up.  What about these mushroooms over here.

David_Gauke__1651880a  That ol’ purple magic has me in its spell.  What’s the matter?  Someone nick you lunch then?

The Sun takes up the story.  Apparently 9 cheating tax avoiders were named by HMRC.  However, although I have called the ‘dob in’ line and told HMRC about Amazon Vodaphone Boots Starbucks Yawn, none of those appear in this list.

Let’s remind Mr Gauke who they are again.

Google is there at the top of the list of alleged tax avoiders. Google paid just £6m in tax in 2011 on a UK turnover of £2.6bn. That fact was, of course, brought to you with the help of Google.

Facebook – £238,000 in corporation tax in 2011 on UK revenue of £175m, according to analysts– is easier. I have no idea what Facebook is or what it is for. So boycotted. Starbucks, the current cause celebre, is also relatively easily bypassed: Costa, here I come. But what about Amazon, which pays its tax in Luxembourg and in 2010 paid just €5.5m on a whopping turnover of €7.5bn? I really like Amazon for its speed and cheapness. Presumably it is cheap in part because it pays its taxes in Luxembourg, and I’m complicit in the deal. Paying double for books and CDs would be a big sacrifice, but maybe it has to be done.

Apple, which reduces its UK tax bill by basing its European headquarters in Ireland, has figured less prominently than the other four US multinationals in tax campaigners’ sights, but it has been mentioned in dispatches, with some tax experts suggesting that while its accounts show UK turnover of just over £1bn, a more realistic figure is £6.7bn. I am a little disturbed to be typing this on an Apple computer.

My mobile network is Vodafone, which UK Uncut alleges obtained a very favourable tax settlement that left £6bn in back taxes unpaid. The headache all these numbers are giving me will be salved by pills from Boots, another target for UK Uncut after moving its headquarters to Switzerland in 2008. In 2009-10, Boots paid just £14m on profits of £475m, equivalent to 3%.’

Last Word from Comments in The Sun:  farce! These may be tax fiddlers but this is nothing in the scheme of things. These are trivial amounts. Where are the PLC’s!!!!!!!

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