Encore en France Nous Avons L ’insurrection qui vient’

Aaron Lake Smith visits the tiny town of Tarnac, home to France’s most famous alleged enemies of the state. On the morning of November 11, 2008, 150 masked French police descended on the tiny, bucolic French village of Tarnac and arrested nine young people, charging them with acts of sabotage that had blocked high-speed train lines for several hours a few days earlier. The suspects, who have come to be known as the Tarnac Nine, belong to a group of about 50 squatters who left Paris starting in the early 2000s to live in closer concordance with their anti-capitalist beliefs.  Upon their arrival in Tarnac, members of the group took over the depopulated town’s failing bar and general store, which they now run as volunteer collectives. They also started a farm in a nearby village, where they raise livestock and grow their own food

What made the arrest and detainment of the Tarnac Nine news in France was the Interior Ministry’s decision to label the young radicals “terrorists”



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