Employment Service Has Actually Got Worse Says A User

‘Back in the days when they were full of boards covered in paper adverts, Jobcentres were pretty effective at advertising local jobs (if there were any). If you were looking for a job you could walk in, glance around, and check out what was on offer. If you were interested in anything on display the jobcentre staff would call the employer and try to arrange an interview. If successful, they gave you a card to tell you the address and interview time.

These days jobcentres are full of terminals, you can do various sorts of searches, but it takes much longer to find anything than it did on the old system. This is partly because the search engines are a bit crap, and if you ask to see local jobs will throw up “national” jobs – typically for commision only sales reps, so you have to check out a lot of junk that old style jobcentre staff would have binned for not being proper jobs. Expired/filled jobs also seem to hang around the website for days longer than they used to remain on the boards. Another problem is the “jobs” themselves: the website is now choked with part-time, zero hours, “self-employed”, commission only, as well as fake jobs posted by commercial agencies trying to get people on their books. Finding an actual job takes some time, and if you find one you contact the employer yourself. Jobcentre staff are now fully occupied stopping people’s benefits and producing paperwork, and have absolutely no time to assist anyone with a job application.

Maybe I’m getting old, but it does seem that whenever we had something that worked, like the NHS, or Jobcentres, the government declares it broken, and then, at great public expense, replaces it with something worse.’



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