Employer’s Viewpoint On The Failing WorkFare Programme

‘I asked Jobcentre + to find me someone to work full-time in my commercial kitchen. I offered minimum wage for someone unskilled, whom I would train myself at my own cost. In four months they contacted me only once with an applicant who had “limited English, and full time child care commitments” which meant she could only work for two hours in the evening.  Useless!

During the same period I was directed to Ingeus who promised they could find me a suitable person through the Work Program. The Ingeus agent who came to see me was a sharp suited spiv who looked about 12 years old. He was big on promises and BS but had very little real knowledge of employment law and tax regulations when questioned.  Needless to say they never found one person for me, either.

In an area of high unemployment I found both agencies extremely disappointing to say the least.   In the end I stuck a free advert in Gumtree and was inundated with applicants, two of who turned out to be ideal.

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