Citizens Of Barnet Are Rising Up Against Privatisation Of Their Public Services

Barnet Alliance or BAPS

Times reports Barnet residents denied a referendum on outsourcing their Services to Capita.

‘Citizens of London Borough of Barnet are rising up against the mass privatisation of their public services, closure of libraries and damage to local economy and communities;

Barnet Spring March, 23rd March, JOIN US:

After watching this, I am impressed with the Citizens of Barnet.  They seem to value their community highly and have been vocal against those they see as trying to destroy it.  They are showing what a real community is like.  This group is interesting in that it has a  spokesperson similar to that of a traditional Tribal Society.  In Australian Aboriginal terms, for instance, these people are usually drawn from the elders of the tribe respected by the rest for their knowledge and wisdom.  However, the Aboriginals also have other specialists equally respected for other particular skills on which the welfare of the tribe depends.  An important ‘awakening’ is evidenced  in Barnet and elsewhere.  Dr Robert Ghost Wolf talked of ‘shells’ without souls and maybe the ‘The Barnet Tribe’ are acting on instinct.

They are challenging the Barnet Council decision to award Capita a £320 Million Services Contract and look like they are ‘going all the way’ as they have engaged solicitors etc.

‘Mr Reasonable‘ asks to see a copy of the Barnet Capita Contract –

Campaign for a Better Barnet has a nice cartoon explaining what Barnet Council are up to.

Guardian explains why vulnerable residents fear Crapita (so named by Private Eye) takeover of Barnet Council Services

FT reported that Sir Merrick Cockell advised a ‘rethink’ on privatisation of Council Services in August 2012.

‘The days of assuming that private companies offer the best way of delivering public services are over, the head of the Local Government Association has told the Financial Times.

In comments that may jolt the multibillion-pound outsourcing industry, Sir Merrick Cockell said there had been a period when “public bad, private good” had “almost been a mantra”, accompanied by a belief that “the right way for local authorities to do things was to outsource everything”.‘  Don’t they think Sir Merrick is being a little shellfish.

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