Telegraph Tagline ‘Eastleigh Turning Beastly’

Well it is for the ConDems anyway and for Grant Shapps otherwise known as ‘Mr Green’ whose claim to fame is selling online Ponzi Get Rich Schemes.  Lordy Lordy Carpetbaggers the lot of them.

dr jacky davisComment from NHAP Facebook PageC’mon Eastleigh make history. Teach the carpetbaggers of Tory, LibDems and Labour to eat horsh** on election day.

dr clive peedleNHAP joint leader Dr Clive Peedell said:

“We and many others have warned from the beginning that the Tory agenda behind Lansley’s Bill was privatisation, and transforming the NHS from our greatest public service into a competitive market. The Tories have clearly lied even to their coalition partners to get their Bill through and are now determined to sneak through the finishing touches that would kill off our NHS. They must be stopped”.

Dr McClellandEchoNHApartyNHAP’s candidate for the Eastleigh by-election Dr Iain Maclennan said:

“The deceit of the Tories in attempting to get these policies in place without debate is sadly matched by the failure of Labour MPs to respond until campaigners have drawn this to public attention.

“I am standing because we need a party in parliament that will fight tooth and nail to hold on to the values of the NHS and fight consistently for its restoration. This back-door procedure shows how rotten our Parliamentary democracy has become. It’s time voters made clear they won’t stand for it any longer.” 

Richard Taylor MPGPs were falsely assured by Mr Lansley on February 16 2012 that:

“You will have the freedom, with your new powers and responsibilities, to commission services in ways that meet the best interests of your patients. You will, for example, be able to determine where integrated services are required and commission them accordingly. 

“You will be able to work with existing providers of health and care services to deliver better results for patients […]

“I know many of you may have read that you will be forced to fragment services, or to put services out to tender. This is absolutely not the case.”

The government has now quite cynically reneged on these worthless pledges, through regulations which are set to take effect at the end of March, just before CCGs take over responsibility for NHS local commissioning budgets.
– Medics leading the NHA Party are De Clive Peedle, Dr Jacky Davis, Dr Richard Taylor and Dr Louise Irvine

Light and Sound Machine

Rally this Sunday in Eastleigh 11 am where they will be starting a long process to clean up some of the LibDemLabour sleaze and showcasing their talking machine with ‘flashing lights’.  Oh Oh Blair is attempting to make a comeback AGAIN!

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