Henry VIII’s Taille Sticks Worked Well As An Exchange System

Henry VIII Taille Sticks

Henry VIII’s Taille Stickshttp://www.vaguelyinteresting.co.uk/?p=1379

Henry VIII was much more than a King.  He was also a good accountant.

We need to take control from the ‘Money Changers‘.  Monarchy has always had trouble with them and UK  and US population continue to have trouble with them today.  Financial ruin and exhaustion is the usual eperience.  The Bank of England is a private corporation.  The Bank never really created the ‘Reserves’ they said they had.  Lending money they didn’t have.  Central Banks should NOT be in private hands.  Economics gibberish hides the mechanism.  The Schiff family and Greenshield stamps?


Colonial Script also worked well as an Exchange Mechanism.

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