H H H Hopeless Hoban On Newsnight

Hoban:  Yes, Black is White in this Government’s opinion Gavin.  Esler:  But the Court of Appeal said….  Hoban:  That doesn’t matter really.  We are going to have that ruling over-turned when we find a tame judge.  All those nasty work shy scroungers etc etc etc.  Esler:  The litigants said that the workfare didn’t help with job getting.  Shouldn’t you listen to the clients and offer the kind of help needed?  Hoban:  Stuff and rubbish Gavin.  That would be too much like hard work.

Hoban Newsnight 13 Feb 2013

Report is not what actually was said.  More like what Hoban really meant.  Hoban stumbled through his delivery as well.


Member of Sheeplic at NLAT has last word.  ‘The Work Program: An earnest attempt by maniacs to turn back time, while being fully aware of their having removed all of the key components from the clock.’ *chuckle*

Radio Call KayeGovernment Work Scheme Discussion – BBC Radio Call Kaye 13 Feb 2013

‘A Government back to work scheme has been ruled unlawful by courts after a graduate claimed it was unfair to make people work for free. Cait Reilly said she didn’t learn anything, got no training and had no time to look for other jobs because she had to do unpaid work under the programme. Kaye asks if you think working for welfare is fair.’

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