SPADS Cost TaxPayers £5 and Half Million Too Much

Mirror 5 January 2012 reported Cumming’s salary at just shy of 70 Grand.

‘Education Secretary Michael Gove has handed his spin doctor a rise of at least £11,000, while teachers suffer pay and pension cuts, the Cabinet Office reveals.


Come on Cummings, show us those emails.

The 19% increase means special adviser Dominic Cummings now earns a taxpayer-funded £69,266 a year – when just six months ago the figure was below £58,200.

The revelation, sneaked out on a website, comes as the bill for special advisers or “spads” has hit £5.4million this year up from £4.5million in the first 11 months of the Coalition.’

Gove is also £1 Million over budget on Academy program.

LabourList gunning for Frayne and Cummings

Cummings and Erm –

The Governor ‘I’m worried about Michael’

‘Gove is like a cheap plastic water pistol. Except that only gives out a little squirt when the trigger is squeezed whereas with Gove you don’t need to press anything.’  *chuckle*

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