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SPADS Cost TaxPayers £5 and Half Million Too Much

Mirror 5 January 2012 reported Cumming’s salary at just shy of 70 Grand. ‘Education Secretary Michael Gove has handed his spin doctor a rise of at least £11,000, while teachers suffer pay and pension cuts, the Cabinet Office reveals. The … Continue reading

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Story of a Dunblane Whistleblower


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The Mysterious Prince George

No NOT Osborne – he is so very boring.  This one died on a secret mission involving a briefcase padlocked to his wrist full of banknotes. Well, slight connection with Osborne in that obscure money transfer was being attempted.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Another Bully Boy SPAD Oh Hooray It’s Henry

Henry de Zoete Adviser to Michael Gove Age: 29 Earns: c. £55,000 Family and education: A scion of the de Zoete banking family. At Ludgrove and Eton in the year above Prince William, then Bristol university.  Social circle: A social … Continue reading

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Farm Terrace Brunch 10 Feb 2013

Save Farm Terrace Facebook reported on the brunch held on Sunday 10 February 2013 and also carries some photos.  Lots of action at ‘The Terrace’ with visitors from as far afield as Essex.  It seems that they found it from … Continue reading

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Eastleigh By-Election

‘The Lib Dems‘ by-election campaign in Eastleigh was overshadowed yesterday when a former constituency chairman and NHS chief defected to a party campaigning against the Government’s health reforms.’  Well, Green Benches ‘on the money’ – wish I’d taken a bet. … Continue reading

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Lawful Bank Says B***** the Banksters

Oops, can’t use that word or listen to it anymore.  Too much time on Savile noticeboards.  That is a particularly evil occupation imo.  For the less faint-hearted link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSIUf2hD6Io&feature=youtu.be

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Rachel Wolf a Wolf in High Heels

‘A thinktank headed by a former adviser to the education secretary, Michael Gove, has been awarded £500,000 in public money by his department. The award to the New Schools Network, which was publicly announced last month, is to provide “a personalised … Continue reading

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Osborne & Little and Lavish Balls With Dwarves?

As usual on wandering into the Salon at NLAT, I see that this interesting conversation is taking place.  OOH.  I thought we were going to be discussing the latest announcement on the inheritance tax threshold remaining at £325000.  So with … Continue reading

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The Mountbatten Report

‘Christopher Robin’ was one of the many WWII code names of Christopher Creighton, whose real name is John Ainsworth-Davis. From the age of 15, he worked directly under Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming, Lord Louis Mountbatten and Desmond Morton – whom … Continue reading

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