Press TV Talking ‘Alternative’ With Gordon Duff and Others

gordon duff

  • Police in Sandy Hook Speaking Slavic
  • Sandy Hook reports by Media inconsistent – very confusing and suspicious.
  • Who was the ‘masked man’ described by the school principal?
  • Mali and Multi National Corps and Low Wages for locals.
  • Gun Control Australia and UK
  • Mr Duff is an X Sniper and weapons expert.
  • Military and Vet Suicides suspicious.

  • Karl Rove called Stew Webb one of the most dangerous men in America.
  • Mitt Romney has had this mistress for years.
  • Webb got the word from his Intel sources that Benjamin Fulford is an MI-5 Disinformation Agent
  • David Cameron in South Africa at age 25 with mini Nukes.

Gordon Duff and Stew Webb

Talk of ‘World Wide Settlements‘ is Financial Misinfo –!

Leo Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols  –

Iowa to ColoradoElite Kimball Castle Rituals – Summer and Winter Soltice etc.  Activists have switched from staking out Bilderberg to this place.  100 bankers down there on 21 June 2012?  Who went?

Update – Bankers tracked to Downtown Denver in “The Navarre” museum.

Other impt Elite ‘dos’ throughout the year –

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