Firstly the Beautiful Jill Dando Then Cliff’s 60th And Finally Royal Baby

Alan Farthing Middleton Gynie

Alan Farthing in the news again Dec 2012.  Friends with McCanns also I’m told.

Jill Dando as we know was murdered April 26 1999 .  She was very ‘up close’ with one Alan Farthing, pictured below.  He was lucky to have snared Ms Dando in my opinion.  She was not only lovely, but it appears she also had a good heart.

Mr Farthing on the other hand is an ‘interesting’ enigma to the Bloggerati.

Well, he does have a certain amount of privileged knowledge.  After all he’s a gynaecologist of some distinction as we are told by DM.

However DM readers’ comments demonstrate a variety of opinion on Mr Farthing and on gynaecology generally – not always complimentary.  For instance Mark says ‘Alan Farthing gives me the creeps, sorry.’

Comon Mark, not the ‘handsome gynaecologist’ Andrew Buckwell speaks of then.  The thing is, Alan has moved on with his life after the tragic loss of Jill and he is entitled to do so I guess.

Sir Cliff helped Alan overcome his sadness and grief in 2001 by inviting him to a 60th birthday party on board a luxury yacht with other well-known celebs including the lovely Sue Barker – while her copper husband continued to solve crime no doubt.  In fine form at last then as

‘Late Monday night Alan headed back across London to his home in Chiswick, driving the soft top blue BMW that used to belong to Jill.’

Andrew Buckwell and London Media Co

Being a Journo Mr Buckwell is on Twitter of course

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