Guardian Reports That Telegraph Defence Editor Is Not Charmed By Cameron’s ‘Decades of War’ Remark

Now come on NLAT don’t you feel even the tiniest bit sorry for him?

‘This week’s quarterly growth figures are predicted to be grim. May elections threaten more Tory wipeouts. Nor do Cameron’s newfound “decades” of war on terror set Tory pulses racing: the Telegraph’s defence editor writes sourly that he “is conveniently overlooking the fact that he has helped to create [the al-Qaida in the Magreb] by his ill-judged decision to overthrow the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi“. What issue might revive Tory fortunes? Not even scroungers are a reliable winner, as a Guardian poll shows opinion shifting fast against the benefit cuts.’

On another level, take a look at one ‘Mokhtar Belmokhtar’.  He doesn’t look very ‘Algerian’ to me.  He has ‘one eye’.  Oh does he.  Well how interesting.  Is that a particular recruitment stipulation then? He also has the same ‘beard’ sported by all ‘terrorists’ except quite often middle eastern men are clean-shaven aren’t they?  Take a look at their football team if you don’t believe me.  Maybe AlCiada should get more up-to-date info on national groups they hope to impersonate.  Lastly this ‘Belmokhtar’ is hardly ever photographed without the obligatory ‘hat’ which all ‘terrorists’ have to wear..

Meanwhile a ‘multi-national’ force in Mali shakes down ordinary Mali citizens looking for ‘terrorists’.  Hmmm

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