Wylde West Comes To The Treasury


Pic from LegalWeek.com – refers to impt ‘transfer window’.

‘Lucy Wylde, the current general counsel at the HM Treasury’s Asset Protection Agency (APA) has been appointed as general counsel for commercial law of the Government’s Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) – a cross-government role based in the Cabinet Office.’  http://www.thelawyer.com/government-efficiency-group-appoints-ex-slaughters-partner-as-gc/1011278.article

Lucy, we are told, used to work in the SlaughterHouse.  This was confirmed by http://conservativepartyhq.blogspot.co.uk/.  The Blog further suggests ‘Lucy Wylde is also the Carroll Foundation Trust lawyer “named” in the FBI Scotland Yard files.  Further sources have said that these dossiers contain forged and falsified tax haven corporations directly “linked” to fraudulent HSBC International offshore “numbered bank accounts” which effectively impulsed this massive tax fraud heist operation which stretches across the globe.’

The initial interest was in one Sir Anthony Garner  Director of the Carroll Foundation as I believed it was turning out to be a further part of various ‘Charity Irregularities’ that have come to my attention over the last few years.  I have realised that this in fact all fizzed up in 2011 and that David Cameron was supposed to tackle it.  This Mr Cameron has failed to do but pushed all sorts of unrelated stuff through the legislative process including the contentious NHS privatisation.  One wonders why when this Carroll Trust fiasco was on the table that he engaged in obstruction and cover-up?  One also wonders just where we are with this venture in 2013.  Not very far if the crooked lawyer at the middle of it is now in HM Treasury!  Dominic Grieve is also implicated.

Video http://dotsub.com/view/e6cdb5c8-3544-4359-8682-f84b39fa5370

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