Psychiatry Coming Under Pressure For Issue Of Psychotropic Drugs In 60s and 70s

Teresa Cooper has raised some issues regarding heavy use of such drugs on her in the 70s and 80s at Kendall House in Kent when she was 14.

‘The Home Office consultant psychiatrist in charge, Dr Perinpanyagam, has said in the past that the drugs used by the staff at the home were safe and did not have side effects.’  However a group of women who spent time in there say that children are being born with birth defects.

‘Dr Perinpanayagam, who described himself on his notepaper as “Psychotherapist to the Home Office”, died in 1988. In 1977 he wrote to a medical journal to describe his experiments with tranquillisers on girls in an unnamed “secure home”.

Teresa said she believes he was trying out drugs to invent a way of treating problem children and make a name for himself. She said: “It is terrifying to think how many children’s lives his actions could now have affected.”’

Further, ‘Chemo was used on girls who didn’t have cancer which was admitted by Dr Perinpanayagam in 1980 on the front page of a newspaper.’

When Teresa refused, he sipped his tea, fixed her with a cold stare, upped the dose and said he would ‘bring out her true colours’  This guy’s a psychopath.   Wow just as well this fellow’s dead.  What a *******!

Standard reports  ‘There was one period, recalls Teresa, when she was in “sickbay” and confined to her tiny room, with just a sink and a bed for 163 consecutive days, her isolation broken only by unwelcome visits from male staff. “I would awake in my half-drugged state to men raping me.’

BBC Today Program

Zoompad speaks up!

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