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Pyschiatric Establishments From a Past Era Conducted Experiments On Patients

Kevin Beresford, from Redditch, researched twelve former institutions from across the country for a Calendar and came across some surprising facts during the research.  Kevin told the DM, ‘I think Powick was one of the worst – it carried on giving … Continue reading

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C17 Erm Won’t Be Taking Off To Help the French After All Due to ‘Technical Difficulties’

Telegraph these days either briefs against the Tories, or lets its Comments section run riot with negative stuff from ‘readers’ or are all the Guardian people on there ramping it up?  Either way, it’s more of an interesting read these … Continue reading

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Brinsworth House Home For Retired Actors

One of the entertainment industry’s most exclusive retirement homes is funded by the Entertainment Artists Benevolent Fund and can be found on Staines Road Twickenham.  The Artists Benevolent Fund Charity is a favourite of Simon Cowell and Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman … Continue reading

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April Cashburn – An Honest Police Officer In A Corrupt Police Force?

BloggerView:  ‘Not one colleague defended her and they whooped for joy at the news of her sentence.’  http://google-law.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/whistle-blower-dci-april-cashburn.html GuardianView:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jan/10/police-guilty-trying-sell-information  Did April blow the whistle and pay the price?

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Graham Ovenden’s Work In Tate Gallery

‘Who is Graham Ovenden?‘ you might ask.  Again, online community in discussion about him.  Off to the Tate Gallery to find out.  Well, blow me a piece called ‘Lure Me‘.  I’m not sure what I call this.  I expect the … Continue reading

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Diving Right Into Pindar’s Pythian 4 Ode

The Internet is a strange place.  A recent post I was reading talked about Pindar’s Pythian Odes.  Oh well, off to spend the morning catching up on some Greek I guess.  High unemployment?  Who cares as we can all spend … Continue reading

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