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Andrew Lloyd Webber Announces Plans For A New Musical


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John Whittingdale Is A Half Brother Of Charles Napier

Mirror reported in November Charles Napier, half brother of John Whittingdale Con MP has a sordid past which threatens to drag him into the heart of new inquiries into a child abuse scandal spanning three decades. Evidence now being examined by Metropolitan … Continue reading

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US Government Not Keen On Citizen Quest For Privacy

‘I can never get any work done on airplanes. No, it’s not because of the wonderful selection of second-run films to be seen. It’s because the person sitting next to me always has to keep an eye on my laptop … Continue reading

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Tories Try To Incite More Hatred Of Unemployed With Image Of Man On Sofa

Ian Duncan Smith – ‘It’s wrong for hard workers to earn less so people on welfare can have even more’ Tories vow to get benefits spending under control http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/4728215/Tory-vow-to-get-benefits-spending-under-control.html NLAT has 441 Responses and 82 Shares so far.  IDS doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cameron Talks About A Clear Vision With A Clear Mandate

I think he has the ‘wooliest’ view of pretty much everything personally.  What clear vision?  Over to you NLAT. ‘What’s that, tunnel vision?’  ‘He must be wearing dark glasses then’  ‘Blinkers on and moving forward!’  ‘Get a proper job Cameron…’  … Continue reading

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A Time Wasting and Expensive Addiction

Publicity drive by Derek Webb for fairer gambling.   http://fairergambling.org/ A letter of complaint from Conservative MP Philip Davies about Mr Webb. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/9686733/MPs-in-attack-on-campaign-against-betting-shop-machines.html ‘The campaign by Mr Webb, who is a top 20 Lib Dem donor, having given the party … Continue reading

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