I Knew Him Long Before He Became a Jersey Boy

Stuart SyvretStuart Syvret, Jersey’s former health minister who raised the issue of abuse, was arrested under data protection laws, accused of leaking material to the media.


Lenny HarperLenny Harper, a no-nonsense Ulsterman, spent his last year of service at the centre of world media attention, as journalists descended on the tiny tax haven to report on the police excavation of the former children’s home at Haut de la Garenne.


Emma Martins Data Protection Commissioner Jersey tries to shut down whistleblowers.


Some of the officials in Jersey or Britain who tried to obstruct, derail or who opposed the investigation include:

  • Frank Walker – Jersey’s Chief Minister
  • Philip Bailhache – Jersey’s chief judge & attorney general
  • David Warcup – Jersey’s deputy police chief
  • Ben Shenton – Jersey’s minister for child welfare
  • Jack Straw – British MP, home secretary

Trevor Pitman Jersey politician calls Jersey Evening Post the Jersey Evening Pravda and wishes for Jersey to have democracy, justice and fair and transparent government in 2013.  Is he whistling in the wind?   http://thebaldtruthjersey.blogspot.co.uk/

He reports on his blog that Jersey’s richest are erm, my words not his, as tight as fishes arses when it comes to raising a few quid for social enterprises.  (all he wanted was a paltry £3,000 per year extra Income Tax from them).  He is also chipping away, very slowly, at Jersey’s political class’s penchant for secrecy.  Well done Trevor!

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