Decent People Have Had Enough

Blogger:  ‘Decent people who work hard and try to do their best for themselves and their families have had enough.’

1.  ‘First is the war on the poor, sick and elderly.’  Yep NLAT Facebook full of disgust for this.

2.  ‘Then we had the Hillsborough revelations, which the families of the 96 have been pushing for 23 years to get exposed.’  Oh yes.  Far worse than I expected.  B Johnson heh.

3.  ‘And now we have Savile. It’s impossible to know where to begin.’  So true!

‘The thing that always strikes me about Savile is his compulsion for having trinkets. Or trophies, you might say.’  ‘If things have got out of hand and deadly, that calls for an extreme specialist – someone with a thing about dead bodies, it isn’t a job for many, chopping up and burning etc.’  ‘45 degree angle actually hint that he was a member of lodge no 45 which is called strong man lodge‘  ‘Bill Gates has always been a Pentagoon‘  ‘Only those with real secrets fear the bell that tolls‘.  Lordy Lordy lend me your mind will you?

Yes, I for one have def had enough of the wanton greed, mis-use of the justice system by the powerful, the blatant lies and the tissue paper cover-ups.11/11/11 is Stonehenge and the crown chakra of time-ship Earth’  I would have said ‘What is he on once.’

Needing a ‘specialist‘ – ‘The original 007 was John Dee ‘The Queen’s Conjurer’ to QE1 who was so fucked up they had to paint her face for public appearances?????’  Where DO you get the info?  Why don’t you write film scripts?’

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