How to Deal With Bailiffs

Bailiffs are simple to deal with. Use any or all of these methods.

1.  Ask them where they derive their lawful authority. They cannot answer as they have none.

2.  Ask them if they are legally qualified barristers or solicitors. No? Incompetent by their own admission, you do not have to deal with them.

3.  Tell them they have no valid claim of right to any property, as others already do.

4.  Ask to see the contract which they are relying upon, and to see the breach of said contract.

5.  You are not legally obliged to identify yourself or recognise them, any third-party whatsoever, or deal with anyone you do not have a contract with.

6.  Tell them you have withdrawn their inferred right to access and they are trespassers.

7.  Tell them they are disturbing the peace.

8.  Tell them you have a service fee of your own you wish to enforce.

9.  Ask them politely to close the gate on the way out.

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