The Athenaeum Again

Blogger Reports on various connections through the Athenaeum Club.

‘Unsure about all this ‘occult’ stuff but interested to watch the video at 3 minutes when the number 7 is mentioned as a ‘special’ number (whoops 7/7). Reminded me of the clock at The Athenaeum Club which has 2 number 7’s and no number 8 which nobody seems to know why.  Jimmy Savile was a member of the club.’  Savile was elected into membership in 1984 being put forward by Cardinal Basil Hume.

“Following Savile’s appointment at Broadmoor, Alan Franey, an administrator who spent 10 years working at Leeds General Infirmary, also began work on the same taskforce, with progress to be reported to Mrs Currie.

In a book about psychiatric care, Mr Franey described having “an unusual meeting” with health officials in the Athenaeum Club in London, where his new role on the temporary taskforce was proposed.

He neglected to mention in the book that Savile, who was a member of the Athenaeum, was also present. When asked by The Sunday Telegraph if Savile was also there, Mr Franey agreed.”

“Hume was accused of ‘hushing up’ a suspected sexual abuse scandal at Ampleforth College by not calling in the police when he received a complaint from parents in 1975 about Father Piers Grant-Ferris, the son of a Tory peer at Gilling Castle – St Martin’s  a prep school for Ampleforth. In 2005, Grant-Ferris admitted 20 incidents of child abuse. This was not an isolated incident and involved other monks and lay members. The Yorkshire Post reported in 2005; “Pupils at a leading Roman Catholic school suffered decades of abuse from at least six paedophiles following a decision by former Abbot Basil Hume not to call in police at the beginning of the scandal.”…Athenaeum.html

Addendum: ‘7 signifies amongst other things “victory” or completion of a spiritual journey, it’s considered a very powerful number.’

And another thing – 18 November 1987, Kings Cross Uground Disaster – “Inspector Peter Power was sent to the scene of the King’s Cross fire to co-ordinate the efforts of the emergency services.  “He ran the Metropolitan Police’s forward command post for much of the evening and most of the night on 18 November 1987.”  They say certain juvenile members of a pedophile ring  were in a cafe, underground, when the fire broke out.

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