Dr George Hibbert – “J’accuse”


http://www.lukesarmy.com/tags/dr-george-hibberNote the tie he’s wearing.  Harlequin.

‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang We love you’ –  Diana hated that movie.  Breaking up loving families.

DM asks why this guy still practices and I wonder also.  He happens to be in the suspect world of ‘psychiatry‘ and I’m not a fan of his field really as it is used these days against parents to take away their children.  He is also mentioned on a site I read some time ago.  The site was created by a truly loving Dad for his son Luke.  There are many loving fathers who have been wronged by social services.

‘I will never forgive what he did,’ said Miss B. ‘He should be locked up.’   Miss B, a graduate and trainee music teacher, was sent to Dr Hibbert’s assessment centre when her daughter was six weeks old.’

The guy’s eyes look shifty in this picture and I guess that is why I chose it and why the other blogger chose it also.  His early photos look much more ‘smiley’.  I guess those were the days he was genuine before he turned to the ‘dark side’.


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