Anti Zionist Blog By ‘Jews Sans Frontieres’

They say Brendan O’Neill is a Telegraph hasbara blogger.  So now I want to know what Hasbara is.  Is it a cultural tradition, I wonder.  Well, Palestinians have posted about Hasbara Bingo.  I’m a bit behind the loop having spent too much time on Savile and matters relating to Savile.  I turn to hasbarabusterblogspot.  ‘The standard hasbara answer is….’  No, still no nearer.

Web Definition:  ‘Israel’s public diplomacy efforts are called hasbara in Hebrew.’  Ah, I see….  It’s semantics.  Mr Harrington said ‘It’s just semantics’ when a constituent objected to being called a ‘customer’ by the NHS.

BuddyHell is slightly more acerbic on the subject of Mr O’Neill.

And comments at AanGirfan interesting.

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