This Game of Chess Being Played

‘We will see lots of Knights and Bishops fall before the Kings and Queens do.   Rooks are military.   Zionists in the Pentagon.‘  OK is this one of the Rooks then?  David Petraeus.  Mr Petraeus has put his life at risk and is a US hero apparently.  A conflict has arisen between what he said and what a CIA chief operative said about who actually carried out said ‘terrorist attack in Benghazi’.  What did the CIA know then etc etc etc?  Coverup.

Petraeus Oh Oh and another one….

General John Allen –

Females involved Paula Broadwell (Home was raided), Jill Kelley, ….. Hold on, Hold on, this is causing paralysis – he is about to testify about what again?

‘Ponces who sell us lies of money printers.’  Great Line!

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