Connecticut Gun Rampage and Children Were Shot Repeatedly

I was distracted from this event until Kev Boyle brought it back into focus.

Boyle says ‘A contemporaneous drill is the clearest possible marker of a false-flag event. A drill is part of the false-flag template, as Webster Tarpley explained years ago re 9/11, Gladio, 7/7 and the rest.”‘

All 6s and 7s – well well.  Three weapons recovered at the scene.  Hmmm………

Two ‘Shooters’ were captured.  PTB not saying though.

US told to give up their guns by Obama after latest ‘shooting.’  US Patriots would be crazy to do this!

Idaho Picker Reports on Sandy Hook Part 1:!  His father is scheduled to testify at Libor same as Holmes.  Hmm.  Two shooters to one???

Idaho Picker Report Part 2:  One gun in the mother’s car outside the school.  No it wasn’t – all three guns now inside with shooter.  Hmmm  Older brother’s ID on him?  Crazy lot of things that don’t add up.  False Flag.

Peter Lanza Father

DM comments section looking at Peter Lanza’s role in all this.

DM reports – ‘Fifty-two-year-old Nancy Lanza, was preparing for the collapse of the world economy by stockpiling food, water and guns in the large home she shared with her son.’

‘Danbury school, confirmed that Adam Lanza earned a 3.26 grade point average while a student there.’  Reported to be intelligent and shy.  Reported that his mother took him to the shooting range to learn.  They were well off and he had computer etc at home.

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