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Mr Toad and Twitter and Magistrates

Hmmm, got me thinking when I saw it.  Passing it on.

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Conversations Heating Up at NLAT’s Christmas Do

Sunday Morning turns into Sunday afternoon and ‘the flock’ are still round at NLAT’s.  They had just finished savaging Cameron about his ‘families like mine are subsidizing binge drinking’ when the Gay Marriage issue came up.  As the next round … Continue reading

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Cameron’s Party Mask Slips Off Again

NLAT points out the article and the ‘flock’ get ‘stuck in’.  I thought he might temporarily change his header for the ‘spirit of Christmas’ but so far, he has been resolute in sticking with ‘Cameron behind car window furtively looking … Continue reading

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BBC Spent Over £1 Million Flying Executives (Marcus Agius that is)To US

Didn’t Marcus Agius get paid by BBC for a bit of ‘non exec directing’?  More like getting convenient flights to US out of them for ‘banking reasons’.  Questions were asked by BBC exec about his continued tenure there which started … Continue reading

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