The Groucho Club

‘On the 10th of November 2010 it was discovered that an online member’s forum operating under the name of the Groucho Club forum was being used over a prolonged period of time by a network of paedophiles.’…….

‘This discovery was made by award-winning filmmaker and writer Tyrone D Murphy while investigating the sale of alcohol through the Groucho Club’s website for Chapter 13 of his book The Groucho Gate Affair.’  The forum had been up since 2009 and was registered by the then Managing Director Margaret Levin.

Further Mr Murphy was ‘bugged’ and put under surveillance by TPTB.

The Slog says that Jeremy Hunt late of Cultcha and now in Health has close connections with one ‘John Henry James Lewis, Chairman of the infamous Groucho Club in London’s Dean Street,’


J Hunt Clever Boy and resident Vampire – Pic Courtesy The Slog

Davies turned dark and snarled ‘You know my name’ and then bit the guy’s ear drawing blood?

Just WHAT constitutes membership of this place???? Vampirism, Child Fetish,  Where are all the normal people?

Glitter and Groucho

‘It was arranged by his publisher’s publicist that we’d meet in the Groucho Club, Soho’s famous private club for those involved in media and the arts. The Groucho has its critics and, certainly, it’s mainly a watering hole for television shits and advertising shits, as opposed to being an artist’s refuge. Nevertheless it’s a discreet, unflappable, and hospitable sort of a place that I visit once in a blue moon in the pursuit of my ends.’

Groucho Club loses litigation case against Tyrone Murphy

Rumour has it linked to a high profile royal family member, using the web site  Link to a site called ‘LatticeNews’ which seems to deal with EMF and new age stuff.

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