Creating the Superclass

Saul Alinsky and Behaviour Modification and NLP Again.  Alex Jones and Brian Gerrish talk about ‘Big Society’.  Mr Alinsky wanted to get into ‘Local Community Groups.’  He dedicated his book to Lucifer!

Cameron’s Cabinet colluded with French Government to lead both French and UK Public into this ‘New State of Mind.’  Agenda 21 says Mr Jones.  Psychiatrists are new ‘Priest Class’.

Brian Gerrish and Alex Jones

Discussing ‘Lawful Rebellion.’

Time to read ‘Thanks for the Memories’ by Susan Ford.

The ‘United Nations Matters’ Teachers’ Notes explains the danger of the UN.  We now will answer to the UN not the UK Government?

‘They want you hungry’  Brian Gerrish.  ‘Stay calm and become informed’ says Mr Gerrish.  ‘Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes’  says Alex Jones.  ‘Powercult funded by 6 world banks’.  ‘No intellectual capacity.’  You can say that again Mr Jones.

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