Richard Harrington ‘Fingers’ Manny Lewis Watford Council

Who is Manny Lewis then?  Well, the Evening Standard explained in May 2008 that Mr Lewis had been ‘relieved’ of his post at the London Development Agency when Boris Johnson took over as London Mayor.  It transpired that some £2.5 Mill found its way into organisations connected with one Lee Jasper while Mr Lewis was at LDA.


Manny Lewis X LDA where £2.5Mill was ‘spirited away’.

What do you know?  Watford Borough Council then hired Mr Lewis to be their ‘Managing Director’Perhaps they were hoping the £2.5Mill could then migrate to Council coffers.

Mr Harrington has said that he is a waste of money.  Well, Mr Lewis has been in the top slot since 2009, and earned a total package last year of more than £170,000 with a £135,920 basic salary and £36,208 pension payments.  But what of his previous  background?


Lansley Letter 2010

Bushey BackStory from DigitalSpy:

Comment:  “Quote Richard Harrington mp for Watford on 6/05/10, ‘Watford General Hospital is safe in our Hands.”’

Quote Peter Lilley, St Albans Tory MP May 1989, “St Albans City Hospital is safe in our hands,” Dec 1992 St Albans City Hospital closed.

Comment: ‘32,000 people voted Labour or Lib Dem – but the 19,000 voting Tory won the seat.’

Comment:  ‘He wouldnt even talk to me in Watford last week when I asked him about, the Tories’ NHS record in the 80s.

In fact at the private Hospital where I work, one of the consultants I work with who was at a Q&A session with Harrington, left after an hour as Harrington couldn’t answer Questions put to him about Health and the NHS.

Btw when I was walking my Staffy through Village I live in he was campaigning outside my local Budgens , and said “You got one of those Dogs have you?” to which I replied “Yeah even Staffys couldn’t cause as much havoc as your lot did between 79/90.”   It got loads of laughs and a silent Harrington.’

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