Demo Watford Council Meeting Monday 3 Dec 2012 7pm Re Farm Tce Allotments

Friday Nov 30 2012 – Watford

Watford COR – Watford Council Is Meeting 3 Dec 2012 7pm.  Farm Tce Allotment Holders are being targetted for eviction.

Bee Logo

Please BEE there.

The fruit and veg growers will go.  The Education of youngsters about growing things will go.  The bee hives will go.  The open space which contributes to Mental Health will go.  Passers-by will no longer look on groves and green but on fences and houses instead.  Ironically Dorothy Thornhill gets her ‘organic veg’ delivered.  Where does she think they come from ffs!

‘On Monday 3rd December 2012, there will be a meeting at Watford Town Hall regarding the Farm Terrace Allotments. It’s important that councillors entering the meeting, are aware of the strength of feeling in Watford in support of the allotment holders. It will be a travesty of so called local planning, if the allotments are concreted over purely to make a fast buck. The Hospital development can easily go ahead without the allotments being lost.

Please come along to the Town Hall [rear car park entrance by the one stop shop] at 6.30 pm on Monday evening and support the allotment holders. The more people there expressing support for keeping the allotments, the more the councillors will have to consider their personal future votes.

Please spare half an hour or so of your time on Monday evening to support the allotment holders in their fight against this land grab’

Any props you can bring would be good.  Garden Forks, Wheelbarrows, Fruit and Veg Basket, Dressing as Bees, Signs Saying ‘Support Farm Terrace’ etc.  Watford Observer needs that photo op.Bee

History of Farm Terrace Allotments.

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