Skimmer Camoron and the Scams – Cam On Thin Ice

“They are fighting like ferrets in a sack” said Mr Milliband.

A Tory MP on Wednesday asked David Cameron about the millions of British people who are the victims of scams.  Earlier, the Commons had heard about one of the worst scams – a get-back-to-work scheme that actually helped just two out of every 100 people who used it. Imagine the rage you would feel when you realised you had been swindled.

DM ‘Skating on Thin Ice’

Cameron produced a blizzard of statistics about Labour’s own schemes. But what he really wanted to do was deploy his shiny new anti-Labour slogan: “They are the something-for-nothing party.”‘

We know ‘Tuesday’s cabinet meeting was angry and rancorous, with Iain Duncan Smith apparently assailing George Osborne for not producing growth, and Eric Pickles being lambasted for,   GovWatch move on please ……... who do you think you are Simon Hoggart?

DM beat me to it.  There he is tongue between teeth.  Concentrate don’t fall over.

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