Mirror Finds North Wales Care Home Boss John Allen Working In Hotel

He shouldn’t need to work because as Head of the children’s home, he pulled in good money.  ‘His salary in 1988 was £204,894, equivalent to £470,000 now, and he had a yacht and properties in the Costwolds and France.’  ‘A report in 1996 suggested Allen had ­connections with senior ­establishment figures and was ­hiring out children as rent boys.’

‘At one stage Allen ran up to 50 homes in North Wales, Cheshire and ­Shropshire providing specialist care for ­troubled ­children.’  He retired in 1990 and in 1995 he was sent to jail.  In 2003 he went into hiding.  Allen, when in a position of power, it was ­reported, threatened to kill his victims if they spoke out.

John Allen Mold Court 2003.

Maybe someone should ask him a few questions about the identities of his ‘clients’.  On the other hand, perhaps he needed to be ‘off the radar’ so he didn’t have a ‘nasty’ accident.



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