Child Abuse Victim Speaks Out

This happened in 198o under Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Government.  He was taken as a young teen to sex parties in London from a children’s home in Wales.  He said there were children from other homes around UK there as well.  They were pursuaded that they were ‘special’ and were being given a ‘treat’.  They were also plied with drink and drugs and slapped if they bumped into the Chippendale furniture!

Unbelievable!  I didn’t think I would be thanking Sky News for bringing me the unembellished truth about paedophile sex parties in London.

On another matter, take a look at the Mountbatten profile and that of Charles Windsor.

Think this is another biometric puzzle for Dallas Goldbug.  The article actually deals with Duke of Edinburgh’s apparent croc tears at a recent Remembrance Service at Westminster Abbey earlier in November 2012.

Hmmm ……

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