2012 And It’s a Mad Mad Mad World – Job Descrip: Stalker Wanted

Party Season 2012

Drinks Party:  Clinking of bottles and glasses and murmurings along with the odd ripple of laughter.

Guest A:  And what do you do?  Guest B:  Oh I’m in Stalking at the moment, and you?  Guest A:  Well, I thought about Bankstering for a while, but all that rate fixing put me off so I took up a Mercenary position with SERCO.

Guest C:  Oh no, Spying mate, that’s where the growth really is.  Takes out Blackberry 9300.  ‘Check this career trajectory.’

‘January 2010 13 male officers raided Andrea’s home with a warrant issued under the Proceeds of Crime Act’.   7000 documents about Arms to Iraq.   Her close friend the late Gareth Williams – OOPS –  Gordon Bowden and I are still locked into a civil defamation case with Ms Davison.   During our many Case Management Meetings she was accompanied by her friend and journalist, Pete Sawyer… Oh and Andrea, 62, is really Ms ELIZABETH U M BIGGS – DAVISON‘ daughter of Senior Conservative  SIR JOHN ALEC BIGGS-DAVISON …’ The news behind the news.

Andrea Err Tara Davison worked for the Lib Dems?


Pete and Andrea.  What kind of spy gear is that Pete?

The Tap says Andrea is Modern Mata Hari. http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/andrea-davison-modern-day-mata-hari.html

North Korean Assassin had poison pen.  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/asia/article3612439.ece

Last word on Andrea.  ‘She seems to be an agent for the destruction of political parties.  She was more likely a spy feeding the destruction of democracy than just a rotten Conservative apple, just as Assange is an agent of the destruction of internet freedom (inter alia).’

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