Daily Mail Journo David Rose Called Out As Elite ‘Fixer’

‘David Rose seems to be what is known by some people in the trade as a ‘fixer’.

‘Fixers’ obviously ‘fix’ things – in his case, Rose specialises in ‘fixing’ tricky problems which are inconveniencing parts of the more conservative parts of the establishment – by using spin, disinformation and pure lies.

In fact, he’s been specialising in discrediting victims who have accused establishment figures of child abuse for some years now, as well as trying to discredit child abuse investigations as a whole – see here and here.

But interestingly, Rose is also a major player in the disinformation campaign being waged by powerful oil interests and right-wing politicians keen to deny the human causes of climate change.’


This ties in with other stuff I’ve covered.  Tom Pride suggests that ‘David Rose’ is a ‘composite’ – or is he just very complex?  Pride further states that David Rose is not real.  But then Ian Bone is said to have met Mr Rose.  Like Obama’s photoshopped pic of him with his grandparents perhaps?

Elite fond of word games – ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’…  Didn’t Shakespeare invent Doublespeak – George Orwell’s 1984….. Good name for a ‘fixer’ – I digress

This blog further states we are fighting a Moral War and people are getting hurt.  I agree.

‘People have been hurt, people have even died, but some – bruised, tortured, battered to an unbelievable degree – have amazingly managed to survive.

Child abuse victim, Steven Messham is one of those who is still standing.’


We, the other protagonists, stand with him.

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