BBC – Turn Out Pitifully Low For David Cameron’s Flagship Police Commissioner Elections

Low turn out for Cameron’s Flagship Police Commissioner Elections 16 Nov 2012

In Swindon, 15% of eligible people voted, in Devizes 10% cast ballots, while the turnout in both Trowbridge and Chippenham was 11%.  A polling station in Newport had NO votes cast.  A 0% turnout!

Watford Observer Owl.

Watford Observer Owl twitters turnout for Central Ward 20%:

Low turnout in Warwickshire police commissioner election


Guardian and Twitter:

Downing Street looks around for something to blame other than themselves.

ITV ‘CaMay’ MUST make a statement:

Tory Diary:  Bleat Bleat Etc

Huff Puff reports spoiled ballot papers showing the mood.

Despite Home Office Helpine, elections fail to get turn out!  Cam and May to explain fiasco.  Will this come out in the bath?

TheQuestion now is, has Cameron got the nerve to tout the PCC elections as a success or; how will it be spun; or does it matter, as we live in a dictatorship anyway, run by a cabal with no mandate for any of the policies?

Policies, Police, ICE SPOIL

‘But When Worlds Collide,
Said George Pal to his bride,
“I’m gonna give you some terrible thrills,”

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