Desperate Tories Will Orchestrate an Event To Cause Public Anger and Attack – Don’t Take the Bait

A Tory MP had been invited on to Sussex University campus by the university’s Conservative Society to debate the new law that made it a criminal offence to squat in residential properties.

Heglian Dialectic.  People react angrily and he then calls them ‘violent thugs’.  Uni students SHOULD know this old Elite game by now and not take the bait.  Then you have BBC  or (Bullcrap Broadcast Corp) repeating the story to the General Sheeplic – Baa Baa Etc.

Of course the Police, about to be privatised, were dragged onto this Tory agenda, because they have a ‘duty of care’ to everyone. I trust that they would also protect these protagonists in the future from any unjust Tory behaviour.

I rest my case.

What does this MP look like then?

Mike Weatherley MP – is that code blue? Blue Blood etc?

One could look up Weatherley Wiki if one was bothered, but by now I can predict what I’d find.

NLAT for further comment.

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