How Nat Rothschild’s Investment Vehicle Vallares PLC Becomes GENL PLC

If you read the link, you will find that an investment tool such as the one mentioned above, is a ‘cash shell’ allowing the instigator a back-door route to the London Stock Exchange for emerging market firms that might not comply with listing rules.  Further, the operator gets given funds in ‘trust’ by other individuals and has virtually free rein on what to do with it.

This particular investment vehicle is linked to Genel Energy International Ltd., a Turkish firm that pumps oil in Kurdistan.  In other words, look where the Iraqi Oil ended up.  So, we could infer that the Iraq War did Rothschild no harm at all.  But, remember this vehicle is a ‘shell’ based on ‘trust’.  Hmmm, Swiss Bank Accounts, Black Screen Accounts, ….. and $2.18 billion.  ‘I don’t do it for the money’ says Rothschild.  Oh is that so.

Let’s look at Vallares then.  Well, well, ‘I just want my life back’ Tony Hayward again.  What do you know.

Trusting investors are putting money on Hayward.  Oh nice!

‘Vallares Plc, an investment vehicle co-founded by Hayward and Nat Rothschild, confirmed it was buying Genel Energy, a Turkish oil and gas company operating in Iraq, through a reverse merger for $2.1 billion on Wednesday.’ Article dated 9/7/11.

Oh and Registered in Channel Islands of course.

Further Enquiries:  Vallares: Julian Metherell +44 207 518 8195

HMMM – Warning Warning  Buyback Scheme GENL shareholders beware.  Too late.

June 2012


UPDATE 01/13/2014

Genel Energy PLC : Genel founders on the verge of £100m payout

‘The Natty billionaire financier and other founders – who include former BP chief Tony Hayward – will receive around £100m in total, if shares in the Kurdistan-focused oil explorer close higher than £12.50 for 20 trading days out of 30.’–Genel-founders-on-the-verge-of-100m-payout-17800140/

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