Tories Spinning Over Cameron Ambush on ‘This Morning’

David Cameron went on the ‘This Morning’ to talk about Dementia, a serious issue.  He’s just come back from a Middle East trip flogging weapons of war ffs.  It may have escaped his notice that he and his party are heavily linked to the Arms Trade and all the sleaze that this link implies.  Just one of many sleaze problems.

So in an attempt to ‘detoxify’ the Party AGAIN, out comes that old ‘touchy-feely’ ‘hug a hoody.’  He took an emotive subject such as the dementia issue and climbed on board it using it as a cynical PR stunt.  Pure spin.  He is fire-fighting left right and centre but it’s not working as Philip Schofield’s stunt proved.  Schofield was ‘not having it’ and rightly so.  Cameron lamely said the stunt meant ‘people would be wrongly accused because they are gay’.  That’s not the case at all.  Gay relations between consenting adults is not on the table.  Schofield was raising the matter of paedophiles in the political class and beyond and we the public want the matter dealt with.

Cameron, as usual, slithers away from responsible action as he has done so many times before.  Andrew Mitchell being a recent example.  Well, he’s done nothing about the problem in his own back yard so I expect he sees it as just an annoying ‘side issue’.

Give thePTB information Mr Cameron?  Kids have been giving info for years and it is destroyed!

Torygraph says ‘Fire Mr Schofield’  Hmmm, those who scream loudest have most to hide.  Well, if Mr Schofield has nothing to hide, put him on the enquiry panel instead.

Downing Street Attacks Mr Schofield.  Remember what happened to poor Christopher Shale at Glastonbury who famously said of Tories ‘We’ve come over as voracious, crass, always on the take’. We’ve come over as voracious, crass, always on the take’.  David Cameron said at the time that ”A big rock in my life has suddenly been rolled away.”  By ‘Rock’ he means ‘impediment.’  Just a bit more ‘doublespeak’.  If I was Mr Schofield, I’d watch my back and check my car regularly – Boston Brakes etc.

Poll on was Mr Schofield right to pull the stunt.

The Tap says May’s Enquiry is Waffle  Bloggers warn victims about going to officials and MSM because vital evidence will be destroyed.  Advice is to get it out to General Public.  Further Info.

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