David Cameron Supports Chief Whip George Young

Nadine sees the continuance of Eton Mafia with appointment of George Young as Chief Whip.  Cooer, no wonder Nadine scarpered off – narrowly avoiding a good …… Erm …….


‘In Egypt the color of something was a clue to the substance or heart of the matter.  It appears in the descriptions of aprons, sashes and other items of regalia, in the furnishings and wall-hangings of the lodge room for each degree or ceremony, in the robes worn in certain degrees, and in many other masonic accoutrements. It was early recognized that colours have a strong influence on the mind and therefore can be employed for certain moral or aesthetic ends, through symbolical, allegorical and mystical allusions.’  ‘The colour of blood is nat-urally connected with the idea of sacrifice, strug-gle and heroism. It also signifies charity, devo-tion, abnegation–perhaps recalling the pelican that feeds its progeny with its own blood.’  Nadine is speaking language that Cameron understands very well.

“I want Conservative MPs in the House of Commons doing things that the Conservative Party and the country supports – demonstrating how we are going to get on the side of hard-working people, (at least Nadine has working class credentials unlike yourself and Osborne et al) freeze the council tax, (Dave tackling TAX AVOIDANCE might be better) help people with their bills, (how is Nadine to do that from the back bench then?) get the economy to recover, (Nadine is fed up with supporting Osbornomics, having run her own business in the past) that’s what we should be doing.’

Nadine for PM she is a lot fitter than you Dave – mentally and physically if you catch my drift Dave.


Yea right Dave, what about all the skives you get up to then?  You lack authority Dave as you are not known for hard work either.  Lead by example Dave.

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