Ooh, Things Getting Uncomfortable – Time For More of That ‘Invisible Man’ Stuff

I remarked some time ago, that David Cameron quite often ‘skives off‘ to avoid sticky situations in UK.  Sure enough, off to the Middle East and has ensured limited press coverage of the trip as well.  Those wretched Brooks texts are gaining a life of their own.  Did I write THAT text as well?  Can’t remember.  Not forgetting that EU dilemma.  Time to get outa here for a while.

Breaktime with NLAT.

NLAT reaches NZ:  http://blog.labour.org.nz/2011/01/01/nobody-likes-a-tory/


UTube Vid Common People featuring Dave and Pals:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKFTtYx2OHc


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