Agency Based In Sark Not Paying NI Contributions

Why do we pay National Insurance?

We pay small contributions weekly and our employer pays some for us as well.  This is to guard against the times when we get sick, or when we can’t work.  The employer can then claim SSP to supplement their salary run while we are absent.  It also helps provide for a Pension when we get old which means that the employer is absolved from providing pension arrangements if they wish to be.

However, organisations based in The Channel Islands don’t see things quite the same way, as they still operate the feudal system there,  and this Government doesn’t always save this money for us or spend it wisely.  Example, rather than spend it employing nurses for NHS, rather give it to MEDAC for instance.  Furthermore, not having much in the way of social values, they allow some organisations like the one in this report, to avoid it altogether.

ISS Ltd, based in the Channel Islands, employs more than 24,000 temporary agency workers across the UK, most of them working as supply teachers.

ISS Ltd is avoiding the payment of millions of pounds in employer’s National Insurance contributions.  ISS Ltd is an ‘umbrella company’ much favoured by the ConDem Government.  Refer to their mantra about ‘outsourcing’ to save money.  Yea right.  What type of money are we saving if we can’t collect the NI to pay for services?

I have asked Richard Harrington about these and other iniquities but these days he doesn’t bother to answer his correspondence.  Spending more time on raising funds for election 2015 and changing the Watford Conservatives from a ‘Social’ organisation to a ruthless ‘party machine’.  Hope they’re ready for it …..

Just one more reason to vote them out at the next election.  Bye Bye Richard, hopefully.

Oh, NLAT already there.  Coffee is good and HOT this morning.

Ceri John Davies hard line. shut that company and seize all assets. detain board members. and frankly the tax status of the channel islands is a sham and costs us money. they become a proper part of the UK or sell them to France.

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2 Responses to Agency Based In Sark Not Paying NI Contributions

  1. Like it, we seem to write along the same themes.

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